Ambitions Collide

The Bliss King

Sex, Drugs and Moral Ambiguity


Is Love Enough?

What to expect from...


Ainslie Paton is one of my favourite authors.

She’s interesting because she doesn’t write romance the way I think romance should be written, but I still enjoy her books.  

I love her work.

Kat Mayo, BookThingo

The F Word

The Wheeler Centre

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Love Triumphs

Three angsty heroes meet the women who inspire them

The Bliss King

A five book serial that’s a little out there

Single Title Goodness

Heart snatching, breath shaking, poignant and complex

Love | Adventure | Suspense | Family | Belonging | Coming Home | Fun | Laughter


Unexpected Settings

From Sydney to Shanghai and Silicon Valley, and hot, steamy mysterious places in between


Irresistible Couples

The drug lord and the ghostwriter.  The male nanny and the executive.  The surfer and the ballroom dancer.  The rockstar and the roadie. The CEO in waiting and the geek.  The biker and the chauffeur.  The journalist and the billionaire…

Ensemble Casts

Friends and enemies, family and colleagues, neighbours and loved ones

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