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A Conversation with Mum about Breaking the Space Time Continuum. Part II

Read Part I here for background.

Mum:     You have to put the clock back on Saturday night.

Me:        Forward.

Mum:     Back.

Me:        Forward.

Mum:     Would you listen to me, it’s back.

Dad in the background:   It’s forward.

Me:        He’s right.

Mum:     He’s not.  You have to put your clock back the way it was before daylight savings.

Me:        That’s forward.

Mum:     So you’ll be late then for Sunday breakfast.

Me:        No, I’ll be on time.

Mum:     Not if you stuff your clock up.  It’s a bit funny because we won’t know if you’re ordinary late or really late.

Me:        God forbid I am late.

Mum:     Yes, because we won’t even be there yet.

Me:        In some universe this probably makes sense.

Mum:     In mine it most definitely does.  I’m just sorry for the rest of you.

Me:        Aren’t we all.

Mum:     So remember to put your clock back the way it was.

Me:        Which is forward.

Mum:     If you want to call it that.

Me:        I’m not calling it that, it’s what it is.

Mum:     There’s always someone wants to be difficult.

Me:        I give up.

Mum:     Always a good look on you.

AND given the fact she’s actually totally right – you’d don’t even want to know the amount of trouble that caused.  I will never win an argument ever, ever again.

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