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A Conversation With Mum About Sucking It Up

Day 1:    Evening

Me:        I’ve got a terrible headache still.  If you’re going to the mall tonight would you mind bringing me something to eat.  They go every week and it’s a short detour to my place.

Mum:     We’re not going.  I can’t be bothered.  Hope your head gets better.

Day 2:    Lunchtime

Mum:     How’s your headache?

Me:         Still there but it’s down a notch.

Mum:     Last night we went to the fish place.  Had a good meal.

Me:        Wait, last night you went to the mall?

Mum:     Well, yes we did.

Me:        You said you weren’t going.

Mum:     Laughs.  Cathy’s car had to go in for a service and the garage rang and said it was ready and it was on them, no charge.  There was air going somewhere, it was something they missed apparently with the brakes.

Me:        Is that it?

Mum:     Good thing she felt the air, could’ve been dangerous.

Me:        I’m waiting for the part where you explain that you left your darling daughter with a sick head starving.

Mum:     You weren’t starving.  We had to go drop Cathy to the garage.

Me:        Which is near the mall?

Mum:     Not really.  It’s closer to you.

Me:        Anyway, something to do with someone else’s car and you went out to dinner at the mall and forgot about me.

Mum:     Yes.

Me:        Nice.

Mum:     I did feel a bit bad.  Your father said we should take you something but—

Me:        You couldn’t be bothered.

Mum:     Laughs.  No.  It is a bit bad, but you didn’t starve.

Me:        So then you thought you’d tell me about it as some kind of extra special torture?

Mum:     You already feel bad so what’s the difference?

Me:        The difference is you didn’t need to tell me.

Mum:     You’ll just have to suck it up.

Me:        At least Dad loves me.

Mum:     Not enough to do anything about it.


3 Responses to “A Conversation With Mum About Sucking It Up

  • This doesn’t make your mum look very good…quite selfish really. Hope you are feeling better and eating properly…too bad I am not closer as I would bring stuff to eat, even homemade!!!

    • Ainslie
      8 years ago

      I’ve had home made offers from Adelaide, Brisbane, London and now Montreal – living it up!

  • You mum is priceless.

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