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A Conversation with Mum – I Can’t Even

This is a text exchange:


Just sending you a text to see how you feeling today I’m going out to mainly with the restaurant are you going out tonight and she’s doing this a mile a text talking so hard not talking you told I’m just talking okay I’m going to send it now bye

This is actually literally what I receive – word for incomprehensible word. I have no idea what it means, apart from the fact she’s interested in my health and social life.  I think.  This however is not unusual.  On the second read through my friend says, oh she’s doing talk to text. 

Oh. My God – what wickedness is this?


I will have to practice talking to text how are you feeling off to manly for lunch with Loretta

And confirmation. I want to find Loretta and make her sorry, in a big way.


I was worried you’d had a stroke.


I need to practice talking

Kill.  Me. Now.

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