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All this and a dog who needs a home

Amazon Australia picked Floored for it’s Australian e-book sale.

So with a bunch of other titles it’s on big discount.  It’s side by side with clever Lingerie for Felons – by Ros Baxter, and I’m not making this up, a book called Boganaire!  When I looked it was ranged next to Julia Gillard’s book.  Oh the company I keep.

Floored is $1.94 – saving $4.08.  Weird prices huh, but still cheaper than coffee.

And for that you get:  Bikies, a car chase, a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru, a confused cop, a chauffeur on the run, rules, lots of rules.  And you can bet they get broken.  Plus ROAD TRIP – all the way from Sydney to Perth.  And last but not least, a dog who needs a home.

How can you resist?

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3 Responses to “All this and a dog who needs a home

  • Good for you…hope it sells well during this sale…(Suzanne)

  • Bought Floored at full price awhile ago – no regrets. Terrific that Amazon OZ sale will expose Ainslie Paton to new readers (who better hang on for the ride into something different and new). Looking through Amazon each week, so many of the plots are just “same old, same old”. BUT, Ainslie never ceases to surprise – fresh plots you somehow seem to come up with from the weirdest places, e.g. stats on woman and work = Unsuitable. Don’t know how you do it, Ainslie, but keep it up!

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