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Mum Gives it a Good Dollop

Mum:    My phone isn’t working. Me:        What icons can you see? Mum:    Shirt button, flag, tube, fan, butterfly, megaphone, lightning...

Mum Wants to Know Y

Mum:  What do you do with these texts where they ask you why? Me:  What texts ask you why? Mum:...

Take 2:  How to Write a Kick-ass Blurb

Take 2: How to Write a Kick-ass Blurb

[View the story “How to Blurb” on Storify]

Mum Black Screens

Mum needed a new phone, her existing one was old, and falling apart but she was used to it.  She...

Dark Art of the Blurb: How to Write a Kick-ass Book Description in 80 Tweets

[View the story “Dark Art of the Blurb #notRWA17” on Storify]

Language of a Monday Night Pilates Class

Standing: Rolldown Pec stretch On the floor: Child pose Side opening Windscreen washer Sides Mad minute plank Down dog to...

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