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Baddest Boys in History

Got lucky recently. No, not like that, minds out of the gutter people. I got to beta read for the fab Inez Kelley.

Mostly people don’t trust me with stuff like that.  I’m kidding.  If you’ve heard I insert random Satanic verses in other people’s manuscripts it’s total bunk.  (Or is it!)

Beta reading for Inez is not quite as good as getting to be a groupie slut with good manners for Kylie Scott in Play, but it’s close.

If you’ve not read Sweet As Sin, or Inez’s Country Roads series – hmm I feel sad for you.  Jonah and Zury – sigh.

Anyway her next trick is The Baddest Boys in History. Book one is The Bastard – oh yeah, you heard right and he’s a Viking.  How on trend is that!  Gabrielle Byrne eat your heart out.

Here’s the blurb:

They agreed to risk their souls. No one told them they would lose their hearts. Corrupt. Wicked. Nefarious. Contemptible….

The Baddest Boys in History are back!


Vike died in blood, in battle, in betrayal. His ruthlessness was second only to his brutality. Now one woman makes his blood sing and he’ll stop at nothing to save her. He only has to face half of Hell to do it.

Lacy is unknowingly descended from an ancient Holy line. Someone is slowly destroying her life and wants her dead. A fierce Viking comes to her rescue, and in his arms, she finds more than safety.

If Vike can’t protect Lacy, he’ll have to kill her. And for a bastard, what’s one woman worth when the entire world is in jeopardy?

So I inserted so random – yeah, no I didn’t.

You know you want it.

It’s out May 18 and on NetGalley now for reviewers and I might be lucky enough to have a copy to give away.  More soon.

From History's Vikings

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