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Buy One Get One Free: Groovy

HookSixteen cover final biged on a Feeling will release on August 1.  (Fly be free!)

For folk who buy it and enjoy it there is a companion read.  A free novella called Sixteen Reasons.

It features Sally and Greg, who you meet in Hooked, but who don’t get their full story told.

One of the cutest scenes I’ve ever written is in Sixteen Reasons – the home ear piercing scene.  I promise you it’s not too squicky.

There’s also a first kiss scene which is a genuine first kiss.  Sally is desperate to be kissed and it finally happens.  That was fun to write too.

By the way, there aren’t sixteen reasons – that would be way too literal.  It’s more that Sally is sixteen, and she has reasons.


Sixteen Reasons will be available through Smashwords in August.



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