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Calorie Free for Easter

Look, I know it’s a toss up, a good chocolate or a good book.

– What, wait, you mean some people do both?


I had this idea about Floored being on sale as like this alternative easter egg, calorie free choice, but I see that was naive.

Anyway, Floored is on sale, along with lots of other lovely titles in an Amazon Australia Autumn Sale – .99c until April 27th.

What else can you buy for .99c that will drive you from Sydney to Perth and maybe up the wall at the same time?  Huh?  It’s a bargain.

If you’ve not read my Escape colleagues, Lee Christine – In Safe Arms, Ros Baxter – Lingerie for Felons, or Juliet Madison – February or Forever, now is the time to snap them up for less than the price of a chocolate and absolutely no calorie add.


Hello, what are you thinking?

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