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Take 2:  How to Write a Kick-ass Blurb

Take 2: How to Write a Kick-ass Blurb

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Dark Art of the Blurb: How to Write a Kick-ass Book Description in 80 Tweets

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Language of a Monday Night Pilates Class

Standing: Rolldown Pec stretch On the floor: Child pose Side opening Windscreen washer Sides Mad minute plank Down dog to...

Make Mine a Caper

  If you’re in the market for action that’s high on risk, adventure that’s light on lawful, and surprises that...

Hoodwinked Hearts and the Infamous Fart Scene

It’s a rite of passage for a romance author to write that first meaningful look, that first tentative kiss, that first...

About That Time I Accidentally Smuggled a Shiv into a Prison

Caught in the Act of Authoring Michelle Dayton, Emma Sinclair and Ainslie Paton, Authors of Caught in the Act: A...

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