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A conversation with Mum about MOKNOW

There was a moment in time where Mum threatened to replace me with a geek from Harvey Norman. It turned out to be a false hope.  As a person who maybe prints five pages a year she was desperate for a new printer. Like hound me about it and announce she was about to spend silly money on unnecessary tech support desperate.  Given her tech isn’t the latest it needed to be a printer that would work with old everything. Lots of searching, we found one and I installed it. This discussion took place during the demo.

Mum:     Looking over my shoulder at a website.  That place is broken.

Me:        What do you mean broken?

Mum:     Not working properly.

Me:        I scan the news site. It’s fine.

Mum:     You told me it was broken.

Me:        The website’s not broken your internet browser was too old.

Mum:     I’m supposed to know what that means.  Also what’s FOMO?

Me:        Who told you FOMO?

Mum:     Your father.  It can’t be about the computer because he wouldn’t know a computer if it cut his toenails.

Me:        It means Fear of Missing Out.

Mum:     Missing out on what?

Me:        Anything. Everything.

Mum:     I don’t get it.

Me:        Anyway this printer. Show me what you need to print.

Mum:     Oh, I don’t really need to print anything right now.

Me:        What do you mean? You hassled me about getting you a new printer and you threatened to get Hardly Normal on the case.

Mum:     Hardly Normal?

Me:        Harvey Norman.

Mum:     Well they were going to be quicker.

Me:        Quicker to set you up with a printer that you have no particular need to print from right now.

Mum:     That’s not the point.

Me:        No, hassling me to get you a printer was the point.

Mum:     No, it wasn’t.

Me:        Hmmm.

Mum:     Well, you were a bit slow about it.

Me:        Given you have nothing you want to print I was greased lightning.

Mum:     I like to be ready.

Me:        Dad was right.

Mum:     That’s hardly likely, hardly normal, Harvey Norman.

Me:        You have FOMO.

Mum:     How can I have that?

Me:        Wanting a printer that you don’t need and hassling me to get you one, that’s FOMO.

Mum:     No, it’s not.  It’s just being prepared.

Me:        Well, now you’re prepared for the printing apocalypse.

Mum:     Not until you show me how to use the scanner.

Me:        What do you need to scan?

Mum:     I’m not exactly sure what a scanner does.

Me:        Then you don’t need to know right now.

Mum:     Yes, I do.  You can’t go till you show me.

Me:        That would be FOMO.

Mum:     No, it’s MOKNOW. Tell your mother what she wants to know.

Me:       Ded.

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