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Free Short Story: Last Place You Looked

Today I took procrastination to a whole new level.  Sigh.

Usually if I don’t get my words written it’s day job’s fault or it’s working on the work of being a writer stuff which you can stretch out to fit any amount of time  you need to hide from doing the real work – the words work.

With the launch of Hooked on a Feeling coming up, I could’ve legit procrastinated on marketing support stuff.  I could’ve felt virtuous and self sacrificing doing that.

I spent time planning the rest of  Unsuitable on the weekend, so  I know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing with that story and I’m excited about doing it.  I need lots of 5000 word days to make my deadline too.

So today I’m up and at it early and I don’t mess about too much and I write.  I write 500o words and I go to Pilates and I come back and read them and they’re not bad, except for one thing, they’re not anything to do with Unsuitable.  They are in fact unsuitable words, irrelevant words, belonging to a story that’s in the Idea Bank but might never have come out.

Except it did.  One whole first kiss scene.

This is what’s called the Word Count of Doom.  Good word, wrong story, functionally useless.

Anyway… the story as it stands today is called Last Place You Looked.

The heroine is a loner, the hero is a guy on a bike, they’re both older.  They’ve only just met.  Much of the scene takes place on a bed.  I don’t know their names yet or their backstories, or their future. But I got this out.  It’s either a short story or a chapter from a novel.  I like the title, I’m keeping that.  It does imply I know what I’m going to do with these two – hmm – maybe.  And maybe not.

I’m not allowed to read this story again, fiddle with it, fix it, make it better, different, longer, sexier.  I am not allowed.

To stop myself I’m giving it to you.  It’s a first draft so it’s not letter perfect.  But it’s yours to read on a rainy day.  And maybe if you like the idea of these two I’ll bump them up the writing queue.

It’s on Wattpad here:

Let me know what you think.


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