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International Flavour

Unsuitable is out for a read.

It’s on a plane to New York with M and V.

It’s in Paris with S.

It’s home with J and B, and it’s already been read by the speed demon in Canada, J.

How’s that for an international flavour to the beta read challenge.

Meanwhile it’s marinating in my head.  Oh what to change,  make better, extend, delete.

We’ll see.

Fairy lights

4 Responses to “International Flavour

  • That is quite a team…I cheated and read the ending last night but will start from the beginning soon…I promise.

    • Oh you fairy killer. And you know that’s the part I normally muck up too!

      • Yes, I know which is why I started with the ending but it was difficult to tell if you had mucked up or not…I did start at the beginning last night. I have got to chapter 9…

  • Trust me, I mucked it up!

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