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It’s a truth universally unacknowledged, that a single women in possession of a good job must be in want of a wife

Annabel Crabb has written a book called The Wife Drought.

In it she talks about how having a spouse who takes care of the home front is an economic asset.  One generally not afforded to women.

Annabel asks why it is that the work-and-family debate is always about women and why don’t men get the same flexibility that women do?

I’ve written a book called Unsuitable. It’s about the gender role divide and how hopelessly short-sighted it is.

I ask the same question.  Why does it seem wrong for a man to want to be a nanny?

Annabel’s book is non-fiction and full of smart thinking about gender and work.

My book is a contemporary romance and full of engaging characters who negotiate this awkward balance of work and family and what it means to be both strong and sensitive.

Annabel’s book is designed to inform. To spark debate.  Mine is designed to hold attention and entertain.

Annabel’s book does not have any kissing in it.

Mine does.

I win.

Wife droughtIs love just a gender stereotype?


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