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Mum Black Screens

Mum needed a new phone, her existing one was old, and falling apart but she was used to it.  She also wanted to keep her carrier plan and just buy a new handset.  We waited until the new Nokia’s were out, a brand she’s familiar with and keenly priced, and we bought one.  It’s quite gorgeous, light, metal, slim, nano sim card. I’m envious.  

She’s happy.  At least on day one.  It’s like waiting for the weather to turn, and knowing to batten down.

Two days later.

Me:  How do you like your new phone?

Mum:  I hate it.

Me:  Why?

Mum:  It’s different.

Me:  Yes, you knew that would be the case.  They don’t make them like your old one anymore.  What don’t you like about it?

Mum:  It doesn’t have the weather.

Me:   I can fix that.   (We try several apps. She could be a meteorologist by the time I’m finished)

Mum:  It doesn’t have notes.

Me:  You use notes?

Mum:  You think I’m useless.  I’m not.  I do things.

Me:  Things with notes.  I can’t even imagine.

Mum:  I note things down.

Me:  Like what?

Mum:  Noteworthy things.

Me:  Like?

Mum:  Never you mind.

Me:  Be afraid world. I can put notes on the phone.

Mum:  Good.  But I still hate it.

Me:  Why?

Mum:  The picture is dark.

Me:  I can fix that.  Sunflowers are bright.

Mum: I still hate it.

Me:  Why?

Mum:  The screen is dark.

Me:  The screen on your other one was dark before you woke it up.

Mum: (Enormous sigh)  There’s always something.

No doubt – to be continued.

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