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Mum Butt Dials FTW

Mum:    Sally said I called her 12 times today.  I never called her once.

Me:        Check her phone.  Oh yeah you did.

Mum:    I did not.  She said I did something with my butt.

Me:        Butt dialled her.

Mum:    Repeats butt dialled with a giggle.  I didn’t.

Me:        You did.

Mum:    My phone is nowhere near my butt.

Me:        It’s an expression that means you didn’t intend to dial someone but something you did while you were touching your phone dialled their number.  It’s often the last number you called.

Mum:    She’s not the last number I called.

Me:        Yes, she was.

Mum:    How would I butt dial?

Me:        When you were putting your phone away, you’ve bumped it against something.

Mum:    But not my butt.

Me:        Good to know.

Mum:    Sally doesn’t need to worry about me butt dialling her anymore.

Me:        Why not.

Mum:    Never mind.

I get in my car and drive home.  Phone rings in my bag as I arrive.  It’s Mum.

Me:        What?

Mum:    Oh, you weren’t supposed to answer.

Me:        You rang me so I wouldn’t answer.

Mum:    I rang you so you were the last number I called.  Happy butt dial day for tomorrow.

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