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Mum Fakes Me Out

This was a series of text messages from my brother to me

Bro:        The MRI was normal

Me:        Good. I’ve had 2 brain scans. Understand u need 2 have headache during the scan for them to see it.  Get your neck and eyes checked

Bro:        I’ll tell him

Me:        Who?

Bro:        Your darling brother

Me:        Speaking about yourself in the third person. How Trumpy

Bro:        Want to come to dinner with me and the rest

Bro:        Only pasta on the deck

Since my brother did have an MRI and does not have a deck, I’m all – um.

Me:        Who am I talking to?

Bro:        Me.

Me:        Who doesn’t have a deck.

Bro:        It’s me.

Me:        Not helping

Bro:        You know very well who it is

Me:        Mum?

Bro:        Who did you think it was?

Me:        Oddly enough since this is my brother’s phone I thought it was him

Bro:        You knew it was me

Me:        How could I know it was you?

Bro:        Funny. You might’ve gone to the wrong place for dinner

Bro:        Funny

Bro:        Funny

Bro:        Funny



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