Ainslie Paton romance author

Mum Goes Virtual

Mum:    Can you just make it virtual?

Me:        What?

Mum:    My pc, can’t you make it virtual?

Me:        Do you know what that means?

Mum:    Virtual reality.

Me:        Which means?

Mum:    Something better than my broken pc.

Me:        Your pc isn’t broken, but it is slow.

Mum:    Yes, I could be dead in the chair before it does anything.  If it was virtual it would be quicker, surely.

Me:        That’s like saying if it was pretend.

Mum:    How can that be?

Me:        Virtual reality means like reality but not reality.  You have an actual pc, in reality.

Mum:    But it’s not working.

Me:        Pretend it is.

Mum:    What’s the damn point of that?

Me:        Exactly.

Mum:    Don’t be smart

Me:        I’d have to be damn smart if I was able to build you a virtual reality computer.

Mum:    Pretend you are. It’s certainly better than your everyday reality.


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