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Mum and The One, Won, Wand, Wan

Mum:    I’m having trouble with my one.

Me:        You can just call him Dad.

Mum:    What?

Me:        You know, the one, Dad.

Mum:    Oh him.*  Not the number one. Won.

Me:        As in I won a prize?

Mum:    You don’t know what a won is.

Me:        The past tense of a win, or what’s left when you’ve eaten half a wonton. How do you know you’re having trouble with your won?

Mum:    I got an email telling me.

Me:        From who?

Mum:    Telstra. (Her internet carrier)

Me:        What does it say?

Mum:    Maybe it’s not won.  It’s not wand, like Harry Potter, I know it wouldn’t be that.  Wait, it says wan, intermittent outages.

Me:        Oh.  Okay.  Don’t worry about it.

Mum:    It’s my wan.

Me:        And I’ll cry if I want to.

Mum:    Behave.  What does it mean? You don’t know do you?

Me:        Wide Area Network – it’s about the internet.

Mum:    You’ll have to come and fix it.

Me:        No, I won’t.

Mum:    Oh, always so busy.

Me:        You’re on ADSL you don’t use the WAN.

Mum:    Oh, you won the prize then.  Goodbye.


* She is not a romance reader.  She reads crime.  I worry about that.

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