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Mum’s Got a Hunger

Mum:    Should I get Hungry Joe’s in do you think?

Me:        Hungry Joe’s?

Mum:    You know Hungry Joe’s.  They have a truck and it’s written on the side.

Me:        Hungry Jacks? (Burger King)

Mum:    No, they’re the hamburger mob.  It’s a Green Truck.  Green you know.  I know you know who I mean.

Me:        I, ah. What does Hungry Joe’s do?

Mum:    You know what they do.  They do a lot of things.  A lot of things.

Me:        That’s very Donald Trump of you.

Mum:    Don’t say that.

Me:        I don’t think you should get them in.

Mum:    Why not?

Me:        What things do you want them to do?

Mum:    Oh, my fellow has retired.

Me:        Your fellow?  Didn’t know you’d been two-timing on Dad. What a way to tell me.

Mum:    Don’t be a mad thing.  My lawn fellow.  He was a cop and then he did lawns and now he does bugger all, but it’s like a jungle out here. You could go to the letterbox and get lost and wander around for days and die of hunger and then the ants would eat you.

Me:        Do you mean Jim’s Mowing?

Mum:    That’s what I said.  Jim’s Mowing.

Me:        No, you said Hungry Joe’s.

Mum:    Hungry Joe’s Mowing.  Are there two of them?

Me:        I don’t think there are two of them.

Mum:    I probably want Hungry Joe’s after all because of the jungle.

Me:        You don’t think Jim’s Mowing can handle a little letterbox jungle?

Mum:    I think it was probably a waste of time asking you this question.

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