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Mum’s Revenge

A horrifying thing happened

My lovely friend Suzanne dropped over.

She said:

I’ve got a couple of free movie tickets. Can you come to a session tomorrow?

I said:

I have a breakfast and then I have to open up my brother’s place so Mary and Viv can have a look at house and meet the cat, they’ve got a British Shorthair, called Jessie. He’s lucky I’ve still got keys. I almost gave them back.  Mary and Viv need to see if they’re okay about house sitting while the family is away and, it’s the same time as…

And I stopped.

Shocked rigid and horrified to my toenail cuticles.

I am turning into my mother.

I said:

Yes, Suzanne, I’d love to.

I spent the rest of the day in abject terror and deep reflection.

Mum bloody well wins again.


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