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Viva Los Vega Mum Style (that’s not a typo)

Phone rings

Mum:     It’s only me.  My vega is broken.

Me:        Your what?

Mum:     My vega.

Me:        Did you say vega?

Mum:     Yes, you know what that is.

Me:        Um, no.

Mum:     Yes, you do.

Me:        Your V.E.G.A?

Mum:     That’s what I said.

Me:        What does your vega do?

Mum:     Well, nothing at the moment.

Me:        Tell me more.

Mum:     That’s what it says in the screen.  Vega.

Me:        Are you on a website?

Mum:     I wish I was.  It’s the vega not working.

Me:        Alright, turn everything off and turn it all back on again.

Mum:     Okay.  Right, it’s back on and there’s the vega again.  It’s stuffed.  I need a new computer.

Me:        That’s what you see on the screen.  Anything else?

Mum:     Little blocks of colour.

Me:        Does is say VGA?

Mum:     That’s what I said vega.

Me:        No e.

Mum:     How else would you say it?  So what do I do?

Me:         I spelled it, oh never mind. Check the cord at the back of the monitor.

Mum:     Is that the box?

Me:        No, that’s the screen.

Mum:    Oh, well look at that.

Me:        What happened?

Mum:     It’s not vega anymore.

Me:        More than we can say for some people.

Mum:     Don’t be smart.  You’ll be old one day.  You’re pretty old now.

Me:        But I’m not yet vega.

Mum:    Viva Los Vega.  Goodbye.

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