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Objectify: Les & Polly – an off-cut from Unsuitable

Sometimes my secondary characters shout for more attention.

Readers want Pete from Detained to have his own story.   They wanted more of Hazel and Steve from Hooked on a Feeling.  And they want more Polly and Les from Unsuitable.

Trouble is time.  I rarely have enough to give to secondary characters outside of the main stories they appear in.  The stories they appear in are already quite large and I don’t create secondary characters with sequels in mind.  Maybe one day.

What I sometimes do is create a short.  Ant from Grease Monkey Jive got one in Desk Jockey Jam.  Sally from Hooked on a Feeling got one with Sixteen Reasons and now Polly and Les have one in Objectify.

You can read Objectify here.

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