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Only the Unflinching

unflinchingI’ve got the hang of this taciturn hero now.

I think.

We’re 50K  down so about halfway.

I’ve just made his life a little miserable and not over the heroine either.  He still has that particular flavour of buggered up to live through.

Oh I haven’t stinted on her either.  I’ve trashed her career, ripped the rug out from under her.  But it’s for her own good, I promise.


This is book 10 for me.

Not entirely sure how that happened, but it’s meant many, many words down, many discarded and replaced, and a long, long time with my tail in the Aeron.

When I started this caper I thought I’d write about five stories at about 65k each.

There was a plan so to speak which is too embarrassing to mention – anywhere the English language is spoken.

Yeah – I’m such a great planner.

I’ve written close to a million words – that I kept.


Okay, I need to go lay down now with a scented cool towel over my head.

One Response to “Only the Unflinching

  • **throws flowers at your feet and waves a palm frond over your fevered brow**

    Yep. My plans aren’t exactly firing on all cylinders either. The “plan” was to make the first section of this new novel about 30K, it would be third of the whole. This book is in parts and with what I “planned” to have happen in the rest, a one third – two thirds split would be a nice balance.

    I just finished that “1/3” bit and am at 47K. Maybe Kate will get that epic 150K behemoth she’d anticipated from someone after all?

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