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Spark hit 50k today.  Getting close to the half way mark.  I’m enjoying writing it so much, but it’s quirky and quite likely unmarketable, which puts it in the realm of self indulgent.

Hah – as if anything I’ve written has not been.  It’s not like there aren’t starving children and this writin’ gig is something anyone needs the output of.  (Note to self – redistribute that cash sitting in Kiva right after this).

Wondering how much I care about that?  (The more self indulgent than usual bit, not the Kiva entrepreneurs and the starving children.)  A little.  I can’t get the time back I’m pouring into it for something else that might be more commercial.  So there’s the time suck dilemma.  But it’s making me think – a good thing.  It’s making me plot a little harder than I normally would because of structure, and research more than I normally would because of the setting.

A plus and a plus.  And they both fit like Lego with wanting to learn more about process and craft and having to go uncomfortable places to do it.  Except I’m kidding myself I’m uncomfortable.  (We won’t mention the sitting is probably going to kill me and it’s making my osteo rich).

I have no idea what the next 10-20k will bring and I’m still a long way from the 120k odd this will conclude at – so plenty of places to epic fail but meh it’s all good.

Or this is the coffee talking.

It might be the coffee.


2 Responses to “Paranoid

  • Glad to hear you are enjoying writing this one…looking forward to continue to read when you are ready to share!
    P.S. Be kind to your body…you do want to stay in one piece and be able to travel in September!

  • You can do it, baby. Smack that story into commercial-friendly submission!

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