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Telling Strangers Secrets

It’s a thing – that thing where you can tell a stranger something about yourself you’d never tell someone you know well.

Lordy, the things I’ve told taxi drivers and odd blokes I’ve played poker with.  Curl your hair it would (which is why I don’t tell my hairdresser – though as a profession along with bartenders they’re high on the ‘stranger you confide in’ list).

So that thing is the premise behind Detained.

Two strangers meet.  They tell each other stuff they wouldn’t normally talk about and it’s safe because they’re never going to see each other again.

Except it gets a bit interesting, a bit ‘I’d like to touch you’, a bit ‘this is hot’ and ‘more would be nice’.

So they do more.

And then the trouble starts.

Detained comes out on September 1 to put a spring in your step.

And tonight I’m cutting the trailer.

Here’s the script:

You know that thing where can you tell a stranger the most intimate, secret, shameful things?

 Well, that.

 A journalist chasing a career break.   A businessman with a shadowy past

 They’re detained in Shanghai.

 They avoid names.  Deliberately.  That’s how it works.

 They play a game of truth or dare.

 The truths are painful.  The dares are wild.

 What follows is a weekend of passion that sets off a dangerous sequence of events and brings:   Exposure.  Defeat.  Disgrace

 It rips them apart.

 This is a romance about manipulation, fear and facing the past.

 And whether the truth can save you.

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