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The Catholic Guilt of a Review Hog

sexier pigI am a hog.  A book review hog.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Jane Litte at Dear Author talk about spending the best part of her weekend reading White Balance – when she could’ve been doing almost anything else – including playing Candy Crush.

I know I kept her up way late one night, and gave her the morning fuzzies after reading Jive, and now she’s spent a weekend on my words.  And that’s after reviewing Real and highlighting Jam as a daily deal. (Not now but it’s still an Amazon cheapie).

I know what a rare and special thing having any reviewer’s attention is, let alone an influential reviewer like Dear Author’s – when there are so many books, so many authors, so much talent in the industry.

Buying a book is one thing, stopping to read, and since I generally write long, is another big thing, but telling other people you did it, that’s the sun and the moon and the stars to an author.

And now I sound like a George RR Martin character!  Yes, Khalessi.

So I feel like a review hog.  And I’ve got Catholic guilt about that.  And at the same time I want that B+, that A, for newer work as some twisted way of rewarding Jane, and anyone who followed her review for the time, consideration and attention.

Because it’s a privilege to have readers. And an honour to be reviewed.  Yes, Bianca and Janeane at BJ’s Book Blog – eyes on you.

And in that I’m Skylar in Breaking Bad.  Kind of horrified, kind of guilty, looking for a way to come clean, and working out how to take the advantage and run.

If I end up in witness protection – it’ll be the guilt that did it.

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2 Responses to “The Catholic Guilt of a Review Hog

  • You are awesome and therefore review-worthy. No guilt need be involved.

    • But we all know that’s now how it works. People who do excellent work remain unrecognised all the time. We live in a society that worships looks over brains, sport over science, Kardashians over way too many things. So grateful and a little guilty are to my way of thinking somewhat appropriate.

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