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Whoa-ho Getting Real is on Pre-order

And holy take-a-life-off-the-cat, apparently I’m a bestselling author.

How did that happen?  And why wasn’t I paying attention?

I learned this when I read the blurb for Getting Real on Amazon.  I did a snort thing and poor Glam only has eight lives now.

I asked my trusty publisher if they weren’t maybe over selling just a tad – or kind of worse, having an elaborate lend of me in a pulling of the leg fashion. (Don’t they know I pay an osteopath for that).

Since this is the day the Escapade ended and maybe some payback was in the offing for what I did with a busted word count and a blue towel, that was a reasonable assumption – I thought.

They said, we can say it because it’s true.

Holy Moley!

Anyway – the offending over sell is here where you can pre-order Getting Real if only to be able to say, “You’ve got to be kidding,” when it’s not your cup of tea.

I’m crap at this marketing stuff!  I should be taken out the back and messed up.

Here is Glam making her ‘I see dead people face’, which is what she did after she’d come off the ceiling, when I found the blurb.


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