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Why Romance: The Reason in Dialogue II

Because in response to this overheard real life conversation:

Dude 1: That was a short workout.

Dude 2: Short and sweet, like my love life.

Dude 1: At least you have one. Since the wife left, a chick has clamped onto my dick so hard, she’s got total control. It’s too much work, can’t be arsed.

Dude 2: Got a girl, actually. Been seeing her three months.

Dude 1: Three months—first I heard of it.

Dude 2 To be honest, mate, she’s an absolute fucking no one. Gorgeous, hot as shit, arse like you wouldn’t believe, fucks like an angel. She manages a well-known night spot. Perfect girl. Texts me maybe once a week and says, I’ve got a night off, you up for anything? And if I say no, she’s cool as. But she’s a fucking no one.

Dude 1: Oh man, that’s what I want. She got a sister?

Dude 2: Yeah, but she’s just a waitress.

Dude 1: Oh, forget about it. Bound to need cash and cling

I wrote this fictional one:  Revenge on paper is fun.

Girl 1:  Long day?

Girl 2:  Long and hard like I love my men.

Girl 1:  Good for you.  Since I threw the cheating heart of a husband out, I’ve had this other guy wants to live inside me.  Thinks we’re made for each other.  But he’s too needy, it’s too much work and I can’t be bothered with it.  You still seeing that guy?

Girl 2:  Which one?

Girl 1:  The pretty one.

Girl 2:  Oh, him.  Yeah, he is pretty, gorgeous really, great arse, love the muscles.  Fucks like a demon.  He’s not that bright though.  Has this dead end job and thinks it’s everything.  I just keep him on a string for when nothing else is going on.  He’s cool, but he’ll be doing all the same things in five years time when I’ve moved on.

Girl 1:  Oh girl, that’s what I need, easy filler.  He got a brother?

Girl 2:  Yeah, but he’s a bodybuilder.

Girl 1:  Oh, forget about it.  Bound to think he’s God’s gift and he owns you.

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