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An email conversation with a junior pig wrangler

J:  Yep I am going to try to get agenerpig and buy the cade from pat for half prise then it is. $50 so do you think it’s a good idear and I will ceep it on the bacne and don’t tell mum and dad.

Me:  What are you going to do?  Do you mean a guinea pig?  Does Pat have a cage you can buy?

J:  Yes and if I get one I will take it to his giny pig so they will play together and if I get one will you come and pick it out with me.

Me:  Are you sure you want one?  You know you have to look after it and clean it’s cage and not ever forget about it.

J:  Will u come to the pet shop with me to have a look at pets with me cose if don’t get one in the yonet I will defently get one in the house but wille I am wateing I will get some thing that why I need you to come and look with me and asone as you get this messed call our home number plese and ask for me I we be waiting for you.

 Me:  I’m sorry I didn’t get to call you.  I’m wondering if you are allowed to have a pet in the unit?

J:  My mum said that I carnt get a guinea pig while I am in the unit but when we are back in the house e get one in 13 months and you can come and pick it out with me.but in that 13 months do you have any idears of what I can get for my brithday I was thinking of some clothes or something like that or what do you think I should get. Message me back when you can.

Me:  Well that would be something to look forward to.  Though a pet is a big responsibility.  But you know that from helping me with Bandit and Glama don’t you?

J:  will try my hardes to ceap it hellthy. 

Which is exactly the way healthy should be spelt don’t you think?

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