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Back to the Future

The BTA have been telling me and telling me and I’ve been resisting and resisting and wel,l I finally fell over.

Before I officially start on Swing or Sparkle or Decked, my series concept, I’m going back.  Back to Hollywood and Tables – those first two little experiments in fiction, whipped out in a month each just to see if I could.  They were the basic skills learning for Real and Jive before I modified my style to write White Balance, Detained, Floored and Jam.

They were the self publishing learning and all that goes with that, with more to learn.

But they are sad and wanting.  They are the report card that says ‘could do better’.  I couldn’t at the time.  No chance Charlie.  And I couldn’t face editing them again before now.  But since I’ve been in edit mode a full month now it feels smart to take a quick break from writing and keep my red pencil in hand.

I’ll rewrite, I’ll restructure.  I’ll try to keep the hint of charm both these stories had and pour the awesome sauce on them, bake them at a low heat and re-serve them nice and hot.

At least that’s the plan.  They are both romcomish.  Hollywood is first person – which I may ditch – not sure yet.  I think I like the idea of the brain strain to switch to first.

So that’s the plan for March and the sooner I start, the sooner I can finish and officially kick on with one of the new stories.

Hello, what are you thinking?

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