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Certainly Done

meet5First draft of Insecure is done.  Came together quickly there at the end.

And just under 100K – a minor miracle.  I did think this story would come in shorter than average.

Helps the hero is tongue tied.

But I’m already at the stage where I reckon I’ve written a book the only person in the world who will be interested in reading is – um – me.

But we’ll soon enough have an independent verdict on that.

The BTA will swing into action this week signaling nail biting on my end about a whole host of things which shall remain nameless until such moment as someone smarter than me discovers them.  Then of course I’ll admit I knew about those problems all the time but was just keeping them on their toes (liar, liar, liar!).

So as a reward I cleaned the house – as you do.  The big reward is binge watching the final season of Breaking Bad.  Anyway, I’m vacuuming away and ah, there’s the final scene for the next book, all laid out for me.  It’s got singing in it and divey bar and hmmm – it’s good.

Now I just need the other 95K to go with it.  I think the story might be called Helpless.

I should vacuum more often.


6 Responses to “Certainly Done

  • Congrats on typing The End Anslie. I’m 55k in to a manuscript that was suppose to be 65k. It’s looking more like at least 80k now. Sigh.

    • OOh that hurts. I usually go 100 plus, so coming in under was a bonus. What’s the bet the betas think it needs another chapter. Still you’re over half way and on the home stretch. Always find the back third comes faster for some reason

  • Great to hear! Congratulations. I have no doubt folks will enjoy it. One thing comes up though…what BTA? o_0 (I’m sure I “should” know this…but well…yeah.

  • Well, there’s at least one person who wants to read it other than you.

  • Congrats on finishing!

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