Ainslie Paton romance author

Choose Your Poison

Twelve differences between an Ainslie Paton and an AA Paton (evil twin) book

  Ainslie AA
1 Contemporary On this planet and not historical
2 No paranormal elements No paranormal elements but still out-there
3 Considered and well thought through Throw everything at it and see what sticks
4 Laughs and tears Mayhem and hysteria
5 True to life True to fuck, yeah
6 You might want to meet these characters Characters that are too bad to know
7 Stay up late, miss the bus stop, read under the desk, forget the family Take a sickie because you’ve been up all night and you’re trashed
8 Watch them fall in love, feel their fear and joy They’ll rip your heart out eat it for breakfast
9 Original storylines Bring on those best loved story clichés, baby
10 Real life issues Completely whacked out
11 Memorable escapes Where are we? What day is it?
12 Not comfort reads Comfort is for wimps.

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