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Complaints About The Underwear

It’s unfortunate, but they’ve been some complaints about the erm – panty line on our hero.

People have said, “Well, his underwear is showing.”

To which I’ve said, “And there is a problem with that?”

People have said, “Why do his jeans look like they’re falling off?”

To which I’ve said, “Off is the preferable position.”

People have said, “Why are his jeans too big?”

To which I’ve said, “The issue is not what’s outside the jeans and see above.”

People have said, “Is this manual or automatic?”

To which I’ve said, “The car is automatic.  The man is all manual and good with his hands.”

People have said, “Does she get him?”

To which I’ve said, “It’d spoil the ride if I tell you.”

People have said, “Can I have him?”

To which I’ve said, “Until I release him, he’s all mine.”

Floored:  April 1 – No fooling, this is one hot ride.




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