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Console Me

I crash tackled the finish line with Inconsolable in the wee hours of this morning.  And yes it did somewhat hurt.  Mostly my neck and my sausage shaped typing fingers, but it’s done and that has to be a good thing, because I might actually get the vacuum cleaner out before the dust bunnies rule.

Which means that little series, that’s not a series at all, but rather a set of stories with a dominant – but not in a whips and chains way – heroe, is done.

Insecure, Incapable and Inconsolable, three stories focusing on vulnerable heroes.

You could say White Balance belongs in this grouping too, because Aiden is desperately vulnerable – but then that book should’ve been called Imbalanced  – bugger, missed a trick there.

In Insecure, Mace, is a socially inept geek with an intense ambition.

In Incapable, Damon, is a voice actor, who finds his health threatens his livelihood.

In Inconsolable, Drum, is a hermit squatter who lives in a cave.

Mace’s story is about to have some additional devastation added to it – don’t blame me – talk to my publisher.  It might even be out this year, or early 2015.

Damon’s story is a resting first draft awaiting more awesome.

Drum’s story is about to have a bit of a scruff around the ears and go off for it’s first beta read.  

Oh hold me!  It’s bad enough I get to the end of 100K or so and think it’s all rubbish, now I have to send my hermit squatter out so the BTA can tell me whether it is or not.

No perspective – it’s so inconvenient.

This was a deadly busy month because Floored went live and Hooked on a Feeling had it’s line edit.  Next thing we’ll see is Hooked’s cover.

Bit tired now.

I think I’m just going to go to lunch in May.

3 Responses to “Console Me

  • I can’t wait to read Inconsolable, Ainslie. I’m sure you’re exhausted but it’s always good for us readers! Take care.

  • Okay….I’m exhausted just reading about all the writing! WHEW. Go you! Consider yourself cyber-hugged, slapped on the back and hand massaged to ease the sausage syndrome.

  • Great news. Looking forward to reading this new one…I do have to get going on My suggested edits on Incapable…haven’t touched it in weeks…(Suzanne)

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