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A Conversation with Mum about Pushing Buttons

Me:        Did you like the movie?

Mum:    It was good, but my seat was broken.

Me:        You should’ve moved. Or was it sold out?

Mum:    No, I just sat there, it was fine.

Me:        On a broken seat?

Mum:    It wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t sticking in to me or anything. It just didn’t recline like the others when the lights went out.  It was stuck.

Me:        What do you mean stuck?

Mum:     It didn’t go back with the others.

Me:        You have to press a button and make it recline.

Mum:    No, it’s automatic, and mine was broken.

Me:        It’s not automatic.

Mum     You weren’t there, how would you know?

Me         Because I know things like this.  (Also, I checked, thank you Twitter friends) It’s like being on a plane, you have to recline your seat yourself.

Mum     No, it’s not. I didn’t see anyone press anything.

Me:        If their seat reclined, they had to press a button to make it do that.

Mum:  Why would you need to do your own seat?  They have self-driving trucks now.  You know those people with that car that parks itself.  What’s his name put that car thing in space. They wouldn’t make you do your own seat at the movies.  That would be silly.

Me:        They’re giving you an option on how you want the seat.

Mum:    Really. Well, that’s stupid. How was I supposed to know that?  Why didn’t they make an announcement?

Me:        Like please return your seats to the upright position.

Mum:    They say turn your phone off and run to the candy bar, so why not something about the seat. I can’t be the only one who didn’t know it was a self-service recliner.

Me:         I think people just work it out.

Mum     How would they just work it out?  Everything has to damn well change, doesn’t it?  Get more complicated. Now you have to think about how to sit when you go to a damn silly movie.  I might as well just stay home.

Me:        And sit in your recliner and watch TV.

Mum:     Yes.

Me:         Where you push the button yourself.

Mum:     Oh go away.

8 Responses to “A Conversation with Mum about Pushing Buttons

  • Too funny…(Suzanne)

  • Jesus, that was funny. It gets better…or worse? Just wait till she’s an OAP like my mam…

    • Ainslie
      6 years ago

      Oh she’s already officially one of those. Halp!

      • I’ve found that it’s best to pick your battles wisely when dealing with auld farts – oops, I mean, elderly parents 😉 . Y’know, like toddlers.

        • Ainslie
          6 years ago

          I try. I try. I – just – argh.

          • Ellie
            6 years ago

            Oh, I hear ya. I reckon at some point we become the parent to our parents. My mam (AKA the Petulant Princess) recently decided she needed – not a dog – a puppy. She’s 74 and needs both knees replaced. Bloody freaking hell xD

          • Ainslie
            6 years ago

            That’s – that’s. Well, good luck with that one. You have my sympathy.

          • Ellie
            6 years ago

            My sister needs that. I live 1500 miles away 😉

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