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Detained – More than a Title

0913 Detained_FinalDetained goes on sale on September 1.

It’s an unusual title, right?  But it’s more than a title – it’s a theme that runs through the story.

On the surface, it’s about two people caught up and held together in a variety of different situations, from the initial detention at the airport to, well I don’t want to spoil it – trust me, they find themselves detained on several occasions.

But under that, Detained is about the roles we play, and how often our lives are organised around the expectations of others, and our own fears and insecurities.

In the story, Darcy is trying to please a father who never really knew what to do with a daughter, and compete with a brother who more easily fitted into the traditional idea of success.  Her life is contained by her career and it’s rigours and stresses.

Will’s life has few traditional constraints, he’s held back in a different way.  He’s haunted by an event in his childhood.  It makes him paranoid about being in the public eye.

When we meet Will and Darcy, we meet their secrets, when we leave them we know their truths and what they’ve both done to reach a new place of happiness and freedom.

Here’s to detaining you with their story.

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