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Started to think about the release of Hooked on a Feeling in August and was tooling around looking at music from 1975.  That in itself is an amusing thing, the costumes, the video effects, the performances!

In Hooked the music is split between the disco era:  Donna Summer, Village People, KC & the Sunshine Band, Bee Gees, and iconic Australian 70s rock:  Skyhooks, AC/DC, Sherbert, Hush, Ted Mulry Gang, John Paul Young.

So too the characters are split between the values of the older generation and the post Vietnam War era.  Gayle is Neil Diamond and Elton John and Steve is Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath.

That brings us to Stevie Wright and Evie.  The first grown-up song I was obsessed by.  And I was a few years shy of a teenager when it was released in 1974.

It’s an 11 minute song with three parts and it’s absolutely epic.  And what’s more I still remember the words.

It’s romantic tragedy all the way.

Part 1:  Let your hair hang down – is the meet up

Part 2:  Oh Evie, I’m nothing without you – is the love match

Part 3:  Before I know it I’m losing you –  is the break up – but it’s so much more because Evie dies in childbirth

Is it any wonder I love a long narrative romance.  Be grateful I believe in the HEA.

If you’ve never heard it – snatch 11 minutes and give it a go.

I predict you’ll be hooked.

Evie – Part 1, 2 and 3

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