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Finding Your Balance For Free

I’m having a sale.

White Balance is available free on Amazon from July 17 – 21.

That means you get a big contemporary romance (110K) for nix.  Grab it now and put it aside for a rainy day.

You’ll get one tortured hero – so screwed up he’s depressed, one heroine struggling with an injury and a bad knock to her professional reputation, one scheming, thieving kid, one fairy princess, one larger than life best mate and the thrills and spills of life in an advertising agency.

What’s not to like?  There’s irony, suspicion, concealment, humour, pathos and spine chilling coincidence. And that’s just the first paragraph.

No – I jest.  But that sounded good, right.

White Balance is a second chance story about mature adults struggling to be true to themselves in a confusing world.

Here’s the blurb:

He saw the world in grey.  She gave him back his colour.

 In one stolen moment, a man bared his soul.

 When Bailey meets scarily attractive Aiden, she’s struck by the oddest feeling he’s in pain.  He soon proves how bogus first impressions can be.  He’s not in pain.  He causes pain, belittling with his intelligence and humiliating with his wit.

Aiden’s life is wildly out of balance.  But no-one needs to know that, least of all the sparkling Bailey, even if it means ruining a perfectly good professional relationship with the only woman who ever made him forget Shannon.

But then together they save a man’s life, Aiden’s two realities collide and Bailey discovers she’s stolen his soul.

You know you want it…. it goes back to full price $3.99 on July 21.

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