Ainslie Paton romance author

Free for Five

WB Free on AmazonGrief has a way of unhinging a man and Aiden’s life was wildly out of balance. Days passed in a blur, nights were for insomnia, the cat moved out. The world lost its colour and living was all too hard, until a kid with a talent for theft pick-pocketed Aiden’s despair and replaced it with hope.

What was it about Aiden that seemed familiar to Bailey? They’d never met before, and seriously the man was a right pain with his cutting wit and his too quick temper. He was just another bloke who’d expect her to make him look good at work. It’d be easier to ignore him if he wasn’t handsome, if she didn’t like the way his brain ticked, and if he didn’t look like someone had stolen his soul.

It was impossible, when that someone turned out to be her.

Hello, what are you thinking?

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