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Get Down. 1975 is Back. Baby it’s Ooga Chaka Time

I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me…

And neither could Blue Swede, a Swedish cover band who released Hooked on a Feeling in 1973, as a cover version of BJ Thomas’ 1968 hit.  They combined BJs version with that of a British pop singer, Jonathan King who added the ooga chakas in 1971.

Here’s BJs version:

Here’s Jonathan:

And for the Ally McBeal generation – the dancing baby was one of the first internet memes of the 90s.

And lastly – here’s my version.  It doesn’t come with lyrics or music but has plenty of ooga chaka.

There’s a sexual revolution going on, but not in Gayle’s life. She’s never felt so old, so unattractive, and so helpless. Your husband asking for a divorce could do that to you. Now she’s the scandalous new neighbour, the single mum, the divorcee, who needs a job but doesn’t know how to balance her own cheque book. This is the story of how Gayle lost her home to find true friends; her marriage to find a new life; and her husband to find love.

It releases August 1st.  (My mother’s birthday -but no telling).  If you’re nervous, well it is the 70s, and people did wear flares and platform shoes and say things like rack off and wow-wee, there’s an extended free sample read here:

And if you can cope with that and you want a little more, there’s a free spin-off story called Sixteen Reasons, featuring Sally & Greg which includes day dreaming, pain for beauty’s sake, balloon dogs, zombie guts, long haired men in leather, fireworks, and the grooviest first kiss ever.

Get down.


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