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Get Ruined on a Blissful Two-fer

The Bliss King – Stolen, which is book 2 in the 4 book (plus prequel – yes, I’m words not maths) series, goes live today.

But don’t buy The Bliss King – Captive – because it’s about to go out free on 22-24th May.

Buy Stolen and get Captive for free – it’s a two-fer one offer.

If you get the two of them, then it’s not long to wait until book 3, Lost comes out on June 8, and then it’s really not long until Found comes out on July 1.

You can read the prequel Fix at Wattpad for free now.

About a half of Captive is on Wattpad too, if you want a further taste test and you can learn more about the The Bliss King at the series website.

Who can’t resist a two-fer with an extra freebie on the side?

Go on – you know you want to.  Get clicking

Bliss series covers 5 on crown

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