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Gumby, Pokey and Scab Picking

It’s two days till Getting Real goes live and by that time I’ll have the first read of the next story out to the BTA.

Chapter two is already a doozie.  Sunnyboys, Gumby, Pokey, Deely Boppers, scab picking, suicide and divorce all from the perspective of two eight year olds.

It’s possibly a bit much now that I think about it.  Ah well.   I’ll soon be told.

This is Sparkle, or possible Spark – set in 1975, centred around a neighbourhood and what happens when a new family moves in.

The centrepiece of the story is cracker night.  Not yet sure how exactly that happens but it’s in the mix.

So is Whizz Fizz.  Which apparently you can still buy.  Though hopefully not tricked up like the pre-drug era practice it once was with it’s little spoon.

Ah stuff – I’m only writing this one because I need an excuse to write the word deadshit a lot. And mole.  Um-ah!





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