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Holding on to Insecure

Lots of interruptions – a writer has to earn a living – worse luck, but I’m back into Insecure now and belting out half decent words I hope, before the next interruption arrives flapping it’s tickets.

Been thinking about this story in terms of the three that came directly before it:  Detained, Floored and Spark.

Lots of angst in Detained; terror, heartache, sadness.  Lots of torment in Floored; suspense, fear and a roadtrain load of verbal sparring. Spark is more of a heartbreaker with it’s multiple linked romances and character backstories.


Insecure will be different to all of them; cooler but somehow more intense because of that.

At least that’s the plan.

So if you were stopping by for a dose of more of the same – epic fail on my part to provide.  Consistency is not my middle name.

So far we’ve cruised through ballroom dance, roller derby, touring rock stars, manic advertising men, Shanghai jails, foreplay on four wheels and the groovy 70s.  There’s a small town story and a Hollywood one too.

It’s a  kind of topical whiplash, possibly to the extreme detriment of my writing career where the objective is probably to provide a comfortingly similar, quality, branded reader experience – or some such logic that I’m not following as I write this one, my 10th story.

Which should probably make me insecure.

At least now I know where the title came from.

Thank God for the day job.

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