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Little Pieces of Wow

So you know how I did a giveaway for White Balance?

Even though I’ve done it before for Hollywood and Jam and some people were kind enough to write reviews, I really did think people mostly took free books to stick on the very bottom of the TBR for the veriest rainy day of all.  A Noah’s Ark, haven’t left the house in forever, have run out of HBO good stuff to watch kind of day.

Maybe not.  Nice to be wrong.  White Balance is getting some lovely reviews.  But then again maybe it’s been raining somewhere in the world really a lot!  What’s the bet you go and look and someone will have gone all shouty at it and hated it!

On the review note.  Detained is up on NetGalley (a site which provides free copies of books for registered reviewers).  That’s a whole new thing for me.  Neither Real or Jive were offered on NetGalley.

And there is one review on Goodreads already.  It’s only been available a few days.  Must still be rainy bad somewhere.  Spin out!

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