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Mad Crazy Author Doings

I did a mad thing with thirteen other authors.

It was such fun.

We each wrote an original contemporary story using characters from either a recent previous, or a coming soon release.

We wrote extra chapters, epilogues and whole new parts to stories already, or about to be told, using characters and storylines we hope readers will love.

Every short story is complete in itself and has a happy ending.

But wait, there’s more.  We used a common setting – Sydney’s famous Cafe Nix, and we interwove the stories, with a day in the life of cafe manager Nix Sutherland.

Nix is having a very long, very complicated day and she’s far from sure she’ll get her own happy ending.

You can get these fifteen stories in It Happened At Cafe Nix totally free on Wattpad from April 2nd.

You can read them all, or pick favourite characters to check in with.

It’s the perfect coffee break read.

Here’s what you can expect in order of appearance:

Elizabeth Dunk                  The Silver-haired Saviour                              In the style of The Lies We Tell

Juanita Kees                       Under His Persuasion                                    Characters from Tag Raiders Series

Sandra Antonelli               Niagara Falls at Cafe Nix                                Characters from Driving in Neutral

Jane O’Reilly                      Hunk of the Month                                          Characters from The Holiday Survival Guide

Nicole Flockton                 Bound by Their Wedding Plans                    Characters from Bound by Their Love

Cate Ellink                          Deeper Diving                                                   Characters from Deep Diving

Ros Baxter                          Stand and Deliver                                            Characters from Lingerie for Felons

Jenny Schwartz                 Kissing Time                                                     Characters from Hero Duty

Ainslie Paton                      No Dick Moves                                                 Characters from Insecure

Jennie Jones                      12 Bells and a Baby                                          Characters from Swallows Falls series

Lee Christine                      In Safe Company                                             Characters from In Safe series

Lily Malone                        Angry Birds and Turtle Doves                       Characters from So Far Into You

Rhian Cahill                       Christmas Wishes Do Come True                Characters from Christmas Wishes

Amy Andrews                    Risqué Business                                                Characters from Risky Business

 So come meet me at Cafe Nix on Wattpad on April 2nd.

PS:  We’re already on Wattpad – pull up a chair

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