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Make Mine a Caper


If you’re in the market for action that’s high on risk, adventure that’s light on lawful, and surprises that score big, then your heart is hankering for a caper.

And why not, they’re amongst the most entertaining stories around.  Full of unfeasibly complex situations with seemingly insurmountable odds, clever stunts, MacGyver-like tricks, delicious banter, and added practical jokes for light relief.

Capers walk a highwire between good and bad. They give great suspension of belief, plus the promise of the satisfaction of getting away with it.

And it all unfolds right in front of you, because you’re part of the sting and in on the secret.

In a caper, the protagonist always gets their valuable snatched object and avoids getting caught.  They outwit, out-manoeuvre, outplay and outright confound the natural order of things.  They stick it to the establishment and take one off the team.

In film, think the Oceans Eleven franchise, Sneakers, A Fish Called Wanda, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Three Kings, Gone in 60 Seconds, and the Great Muppet—er—Caper.  In TV, think Fargo. Every season.

And did I mention the romance?

If you’ve not seen The Thomas Crown Affair or the evergreen Romancing The Stone, two classic capers, you’re really not living.

In the best capers, the protagonist steals the contents of the bank vault and the heart of the mysterious cat burglar. They get the priceless antiquities and the sexy, cardigan wearing museum attendant, the one of a kind diamond and the Vegas hustler pretending to be a hand model.

That last one is my caper, Hoodwinked Hearts.  It’s about a big diamond, an improbable score, designer shoes, two long lost lovers, the Japanese mafia and a dirty double-cross.

If you’re in need of a story to wrap you in the thrill of an out of the ordinary escapade, choose a caper.

How do you take your capers?

Make mine a double.





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