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Mum Wants to Know Y

Mum:  What do you do with these texts where they ask you why?

Me:  What texts ask you why?

Mum:  Well, the new dentist sent me a text asking why I needed the appointment I made.

Me:  Wait, what?

Mum:  So I texted back all about my loose tooth and how it’s hard to chew on that side and maybe he has to wire it up somehow, but how all my teeth are bad and I never wore my plate and my cheeks are much more wrinkled than they should be.

Me:  Wait, no.

Mum:  It was a really long text message.  I mean wouldn’t you think they’d just let you make an appointment. Surely people don’t just go around making appointments at the dentist they don’t need.  At the dentist for God’s sake.  Do you get those?

Me:  They weren’t asking you why. They were asking you to to confirm your appointment with Y for yes.

Mum:  No, they weren’t.

Me:  Show me the text.  (It said “Text Y to confirm”). I totally lose it.  I am crying with laughter.

Mum:  What do you mean why for yes?

Me:  Can’t talk, tears streaming

Mum:  I don’t see what’s so funny.

Me:  Not W.H.Y.  Y meaning short for Yes.

Mum: They just wanted me to type the letter Y.

Me:  Yes.

Mum:  I thought that was short for W.H.Y.  It took a really long time to type all that stuff in.

Me:  I just… (I can’t keep it together)

Mum:  They’ll read it won’t they?

Me:  No, it’s a robot – not a person.  That’s why you’ve got a second text.

Mum:  Have I?  What does it say?

Me:  It gives the appointment time and says text Y to confirm.

Mum:  Are you sure Y doesn’t mean W.H.Y?

Me: Very.

Mum: When did things get so complicated?  At least the robot won’t care about my wrinkly cheeks, because after I sent that I thought I could’ve left that bit out.

Me:  You could’ve left it all out.

Mum:  Why?

Me:  Don’t even try to come at me with that.


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