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Rose Hip Oil for the Soul

It must run in the family.

Fifteen year old Nephew:  What kind of flowers do you put on your foot?

Me:            What do you mean flowers?

Nephew:  You have a bad hip right?

Me:            Yeah.

Nephew:    And a nerve thing that’s bad in your foot.  What flowers do you put on your foot?

Me:            What are you talking about?

Nephew:   It’s a reasonable question.

Me:            What flowers I put on the trapped nerve in my heel is a reasonable question?

Nephew:    Very.  In the bathroom you have that thing.  I know you put roses on your bad hip, so what flowers do you put on your bad foot?

Me:             Roses on my hip?

Nephew:   You have it in there.  Rose Hip Oil.

Me:             Oh.  That’s not.  No.  That’s a moisturizer for my face.

Nephew:    Oh hah.  It’s not helping is it?  Might be better on your hip. Then no one has to see it doesn’t work.



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