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The Setting for Sidelined: From the (total made up) Company Website

The Silicon Valley company Plus is the setting for Sidelined.  I had some fun melding usual day job activities with the task of imagining what Plus’ website might be like.

Plus desc




How we came to crush it

Plus happened because Reid McGrath is a dreamer and doer, Owen Lange is a finance whizz, Dev Patel is an ace bug catcher and Sarina Gallo is a turbo talent wrangler.

Plus happened because the four of them met at Stanford and decided to do or die, together.

Now we’re 1500 people focused on making stuff to help other people get things done.

Here’s what else we are:

  • One hundred thousand customers. Plus new ones every day
  • Two hundred and fifty user groups
  • Fifty-two BBQs a year and twenty-four pizza days
  • Fifteen coffee machines
  • Twelve products. So far
  • Ten candles in the birthday cake
  • Five offices in three countries
  • One classic American muscle car. It’s Dev’s don’t touch it
  • One percent of our profit to our favorite charities
  • Extra vacation time for volunteering
  • One remaining original founder’s Better Together t-shirt. It’s Owen’s and he’s keeping it safe.



Plus web 2

Plus web 3


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